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several cups are lined up on a table with yarn
Ombre Dyed Yarn DIY
Dying Ombre Gradient Yarn DIY - helpful & clear tutorial
four skeins of orange and brown yarn lined up on a wooden table top
three balls of yarn sitting next to each other
Hand dyeing cotton yarn
Dyeing cotton is quite easy and lots of fun. Why stick with the colors you can buy when you can dye your favorites.
a skein of yarn with purple and grey colors on the top, in a ball
Madelinetosh Tosh Chunky Yarn
Madelinetosh Tosh Chunky Yarn - Night Bloom
the table is covered with different types of cloths
Natural Dyes - Red Onion Skins
natural dyes... red onion skins...
three skeins of yarn sitting on top of each other
Natural Dyeing Take 3: Black Beans
How to get various natural blue dyes using black beans
two skeins of yarn next to a bowl of knitting needles
Dying Wool Yarn DIY | The Cheap Luxury Dying Wool Yarn DIY | developing. making. baking.
How to dye yarn at home without chemicals. Just food dye and vinegar!n This is how I've been doing it and its been working great.
four skeins of yarn in different colors
I made a really inappropriate noise when I saw this: Ravelry: Socknrolla handgefärbte Sockenwolle
several jars filled with different colored noodles on top of a counter next to a toaster oven
Great technique for dying yarn!
several skeins of yarn sitting on top of each other in shades of green and blue
Blue Skies - Custom Order
a skein of yarn on a chalkboard with words written in white and red
Kool Aid Yarn
A Kool-Aid yarn dyeing to make beautiful variegated shades! #craftgawker
multicolored skeins of yarn on white surface
Yarn Dyeing Tutorial
Yarn Dyeing Tutorial with Easter Egg Dye Tablets - Cascade 220 dyed in a rainbow of colors.
two skeins of yarn sitting on top of a white table next to a pair of scissors
Desert Vista Dyeworks Gradiant Yarn-Dyeing Process
gradient dyeing yarn