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some pink flowers hanging from the ceiling in a room with lots of green plants and leaves
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Bulbophyllum longissimum
a small green plant with two spirals on it's end in the dirt
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10 Creepy Plants That Shouldn't Exist Flora, Poisonous Plants, Poison Garden, Deadly Plants
10 Creepy Plants That Shouldn't Exist
10 Creepy Plants That Shouldn't Exist
a large green cactus sitting on top of rocks
Orostachys - rare and unusual hardy succulents
My all time favorite rare hardy succulent, Orostachys spinosa is truly unusual. The color, which reminds me of semi transparent celadon porcelain, is like a glacier. The funny spiky foliage is fascinating, and ever changing over the season.
a close up of a flower with brown spots on it's petals and leaves
Poppy Capsule
Poppy Capsule, Madison, Wisconsin. 2009
a close up of a plant with purple flowers
petitcabinetdecuriosites: (via CREATIONS VEGETALES ANIMALES / California, Death Valley National Park by Danita Delimont - detail of phacelia)
pink and white flowers with green leaves in the background
Cavendishia grandifolia
Cavendishia grandifolia.....the unusual just keeps going...and going...and going!!
two air plants are sitting in cement pots on a window sill next to a window
AirplantVessels by AIRPLANTMAN enjoying experimenting with concrete bases. i collected coffee cups for weeks to make these. airplantman.com
a large cactus plant in a rock garden
Cereus sp. spiralis
This photo of Cereus sp. spiralis is by Chantal Wagner [What a wonderfully odd plant! Unlike some it does not look like it is from an alien landscape; absolutely terrestrial but still odd. I like the shorter, uh, trunks? stems? but the combination of short with branched tall is really compelling — 13-07-13]
a close up of a plant with red and green leaves in the foreground text reads, crassula capitella 1
~CRASSULA Capitella Thyrsiflora~ 'RED PAGODA' Gorgeous succulent plant cactus
Crassula Capitella....love this succulent Rare or Odd Flowers www.facebook.com/flowerofworld www.flowerhomes.blogspot.com
two large orange flowers with green stems in the foreground and trees in the background
Unusual flowers .
a close up view of a yellow flower
These 20 Plants Will Scare The Heck Out Of You. #13 Nope Nope Nope.
some very pretty purple flowers in the grass
Pitcher Plant.
a large green plant with lots of tiny flowers on it's head and leaves
Poorfish on flickr
Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor? His succulent Pseudolithos miguirtinus is quite an odd creation that leads to a wondering at God's creative ideas! #DdO:) MOST POPULAR RE-PINS - http://www.pinterest.com/DianaDeeOsborne/evidences-of-more-in-life/ - EVIDENCES OF MORE IN LIFE. Amazing floral life in the flowering deserts, too, to shade animals and reptiles, and feed insects. #Cactus #Succulent #Weird #Plants
two flowers that are sitting in the dirt
Eight of the World’s Most Unusual Plants
Eight of the World’s Most Unusual Plants ~ UNUSUAL THINGs