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a cat is sitting on top of a bookshelf and the caption reads, sometimes a very special cat enters our lives and this presence changes our hearts forever
Two days before Mother's Day, I put my best friend--my baby kitty--to rest. Blanche was the paragon of sweetness. The bond I shared with her was the strongest I have ever known. I don't have children, but I cared for her as I would have cared for a human child. It's in my nature to nurture. That cat needed me, and I gave her every bloody drop of my love. I miss my girl. I'll never forget her crackly meow, her trill and thunderous purr, her majestic ruff, her stubby legs, waking up to her in my arms, the way she dragged her snaggletooth across any and every piece of fabric imaginable. If Blanche approved of you she would drag and dig that snaggletooth right into your flesh--what a fucking honor. Thank you for teaching me how to be a better human, angel. Mama loves you forever.
a woman petting a cat on top of a box with caption that reads, here's a common scam that is going around that you should know about
a woman holding a cat in her arms with the caption good morning, my little floofic - poofflizz
there is a ghost and a cat under an umbrella on the street in the rain
the letters are made up of cats and dogs in different font styles, including one for each letter
¡Abecedario michis!
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an image of cats in a jar with the words anti depressants on it
Metal Poster Displate "Antidepressants"