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All things Homestead Gardening! How to have fruit trees in your garden, having a garden in a warmer zone, how to grow vegetables and much more! NOT CURRENTLY…
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a wooden house with the words how to build a nesting box from one piece of plywood
How to Plan and Build a Chicken Coop
How to build a nesting box from one piece of plywood for your backyard chickens
how to repel rabbits from the garden naturally
How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden Naturally | Montana Happy
How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden Naturally | Montana Happy
lavender recipe collage with text overlay that reads, 40 + creative lavender recipes
What to Do with Dried Lavender: 45 Fun Dried Lavender Uses
If you have too much dried lavender on hand, it’s time to get creative! There are so many wonderful ways to use dried lavender, from aromatherapy and skincare products to delicious drinks and treats. Learn exactly what to do with dried lavender here!
a chicken coop with chickens in it
The most popular DIY Chicken Tractor on the internet
Over 2000 DIY chicken tractors have been built all over the world using our chicken tractor build plans. As seen in Bob Vila, ACRES, and Countryside Magazine. #chickentractor #diycoop #chickencoop #chickentractorplans
a poster with the words how to build food security for your family in less than 30 days
How To Build Food Security For Your Family In Less Than 30 Days - Week 4
How To Build Food Security For Your Family In Less Than 30 Days - Week 4 - Green Willow Homestead #foodsecurity #beginnergardener #vegetablegarden #gardenplanning #hatchingchicks #chickenkeeping #incubator #yogurtrecipe #diyyogurt
pink flowers with the words, decorative and easy angel wing begonias for your yard
Mastering Angel Wing Begonias: Practical Plant Care Tips
Delve into the essential care specifics of Angel Wing Begonias. Discover practical advice for light, water, and soil to maintain your plant's rich greenery. Learn to fend off pests and diseases that compromise the plant's health. Understand the value of strategic pruning. Unlock the growth potential of your Begonia with our guide. The key to a thriving plant is now within your reach.
pumpkins and gourds with the text where's the best place to put your first vegetable garden?
How to get started with organic gardening, step three, preparing
A vital step in cultivating a successful organic garden is preparing. Preparing to me means figuring out where the garden will go, if the soil is in good shape for veggie growing, and what you need to build the basic structure of the garden. Preparing her
the best pickled green beans canning or refrigerator is easy to make
Easy Quick Pickled Green Beans Recipe for Canning or Refrigerator - Best Dill Pickled Green Beans
Looking for delicious ways to to preserve green beans? Come try our easy quick pickled green beans with dill and garlic. They're tangy, crunchy, and can be made spicy if you wish! This vinegar pickled green bean recipe is safe for canning to store at room temperature, or can be made as quick refrigerator green bean pickles. This is one of our favorite ways to use homegrown green beans from the garden. Enjoy!
what to do with mint leaves and how to use them in the kitchen or at home
What to do with Mint Leaves? LOTS of IDEAS!!! | Montana Happy
What to do with Mint Leaves? LOTS of IDEAS!!! | Montana Happy
the mobile goat tractor has been designed to be used as a pet house for goats
The Goat Tractor Build Plans
Build this timeless, durable, and functional goat tractor for your Nigerian Dwarf Goats. This moveable goat shelter is perfect for rotationally grazing your small herd of goats on pasture or in the woods partnered with portable electric net fencing. The goat tractor can be moved with a garden tractor or even set up as a permanent structure within a paddock for your goats. #goattractor #goatshelter #goatbarn #rotationalgrazing #dairygoats #dwarfgoats #goats #nigeriandwarfgoats
the nuts and bolts of raising backyard chickens are an easy way to keep them from pecking
The Nuts And Bolts Of Raising Backyard Chickens
I put together a post that truly cuts to the chase of what you need to know to raise backyard chickens. We cover the basics, but I include tips that you may not have found thus far in your search. So read on my fellow chicken lover! Green Willow Homeste
three chickens in a cage with the words, why the silver laced dynamiteite is the best breed for small homes
How To Care For Chickens In The Summer Heat And Humidity
How to care for chickens in the summer heat and humidity, a couple great chicken keeping hacks
a sign that says how to grow your farm or homestead's customer base
How To Grow Your Homestead's Customer Base
Learn how to grow your homestead's customer base with this online marketing course created specifically for farmers and homesteaders. #farmstand #smallfarm #beginnerhomesteader #homesteading #homestead
a chicken coop with the words how to build a wooden box from one piece of plywood
Brooder Box Build Plans
How To Build A Brooder Box Out Of One Piece Of Plywood - Green Willow Homestead #brooder #brooderbox #buildplans #chickenkeeping #broodyhen #hatchingchicks #backyardchickens #homestead #homesteading
flowers with the words 15 best beautiful flowers for hummingbirds
Best Flowers for Hummingbirds - Annual and Perennial Flowers to Attract Hummingbirds to the Garden
Looking for the most beautiful flowers to attract hummingbirds to your garden or yard? Come see our list of flowers that hummingbirds like best - including photos of each one. Some are annuals, some perennials, and most of these hummingbird flowers grow well in pots or containers - like salvia, fuchsia, bee balm and more. I've included ideas for every growing zone. Grow these flowers in your pollinator and bird garden to create habitat for butterflies and bees too!