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an illustration of two children sitting on top of each other reading books and eating food
DANISH Kravlenisser | ENGLISH Crawl Gnomes {Elves, Goblins, Pixies} by Iben Clante early 1970s.
two paper cut outs depicting children in bathing suits and flowers on their heads, one girl standing next to the other
an image of paper doll clothes and clothing for boys with shoes on the ground next to it
two colorful paper christmas pennants with children on them
two paper kites with children on them
two children are standing next to a snowman
Perler Jul, God Jul, Holiday Activities, 1st Christmas
an illustration of a child on a rocking horse holding a christmas ornament in it's hand
an old fashioned christmas card shows two children sitting on top of boxes and reading books
an ornament depicting two children riding on a pig with a christmas tree in the back
an advertisement for the kravee nisser children's christmas stickers
Scandinavian Christmas, Old Cards, Scandinavian Gnomes