Summer cottage

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a small white house sitting on top of a lush green field
Attefallshus med eget sovrum
Nu börjar ni väl snart blir riktigt trötta på mig om mina 25 kvadratmeters bygglovsfria Attefallshus, men när hjärnan har kommit igång så h...
a bedroom with white walls and open shelves
Attefallshus inspiration och inredningsförslag
Inredning i attefallshus
an artist's rendering of a house on the shore with rocks and grass around it
Det moderna Attefallshuset goes New England!
Den Vita Drömgården: Det moderna Attefallshuset goes New England!
a small wooden house on the beach with an outside dining area
Stort utbud av stugor finns hos oss - K-rauta
Arkitektritat attefallshus från K-rauta | Attefallshus
a small house sitting on top of a rocky hill next to the ocean with an open door
Moomin-writer Tove Jansson's cabin in the Porvoo archipelago
the inside of a tiny house with lots of windows
Tiny House — Hannah Palasinski
I remember falling in love with the idea of living in a tiny house last Christmas while back in Michigan. I was watching tv with my mom and sister watching whatever was on HGTV when a show about Tiny House's came on. I suddenly became enthralled with this small house on wheels. I became swept up in the romantic idea of moving wherever you wanted with your home right behind your truck. Boston one day, Cali the next? Done. We continued to watch the show and I loved the idea of living wit...
two pictures of the inside of a house and outside of a bedroom with an ocean view
The Edge | Tiny House Swoon... - a grouped images picture
The Edge | Tiny House Swoon - created via
the interior of a tiny home with stairs leading up to the kitchen and living room
The Mansion By Uncharted Tiny Homes
The interior of the "Mansion" tiny house