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a painting of a man with glasses on his face and an eye patch in the middle
Gucci Star Trek Painting
a drawing of a man with an eyeball on his head in front of a blue wall
Painting & Drawing, Artist, Artwork, Surreal Art
Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride by mtzeilman on DeviantArt
an abstract painting with gold and red colors on the wall next to two women's hands
a piece of paper with various drawings and words on it, including an image of a man's face
Anime Art, Skull Art, Character Art, Dark Art, Creepy Art
three witches are dancing together in the dark night, with stars and plants behind them
a hand reaching for something in the middle of a fire with words above it that read, dare me
an old man holding a television with rainbow bars on it
a painting of a man with his hands on his chest and dripping paint all over his face