Historical tents

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an illuminated manuscript shows a man playing chess with two men and a dog, while another man looks on
Image of an item from the British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts
Harley 4431 fol 133 detail (Ulysses playing chess). Paris, France 1410-1414.
an old book with writing on it and pictures of boats in the water, surrounded by other
Image of an item from the British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts
Greek tents overthrown
a drawing of an elephant flying over tents
Ms. germ. qu. 15 - Bellifortis
an image of a painting with people in the middle and one person holding a book
Charlemagne’s Care for Singing by Hugh O’Reilly
Charlemagne singing the Divine Office in his tent
an old painting shows two men in a tent
Marco Polo, Le Livre des merveilles ; Odoric de Pordenone, Itinerarium de…
an image of a painting with people in it
DIY Historical Tarps
an old drawing of a circus tent
Digitale Bibliothek - Münchener Digitalisierungszentrum
Zeugbuch Kaiser Maximilians I Innsbruck, um 1502 Cod.icon. 222 Folio 23r
an artistic painting with people and animals in the background, including two men standing near a tent
Trojanischer Krieg Zeltlager der Griechen vor Troia Kunstwerk: Buchmalerei ; Illustrationszyklus Dichtung ; Miniatur ; Martinus Opifex ; Wien Dokumentation: 1445 ; 1450
an image of a medieval scene with men dressed in armor and people standing around tents
British Royal Family Infidelity Mystery Solved: Was Richard III the Rightful Heir Despite His DNA Anomaly? Part 2
Roger Mortimer, Great Grandfather of Richard III, who usurped Edward II, then had him killed. Edward III had him hung at Tyburn.
an old book with a drawing of a man in a tent
e-codices – Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland
Solothurn, Zentralbibliothek / Cod. S II 43 – "Historienbibel" from the workshop of Diebold… / f. 140v
an illustration of a circus scene with tents and horses in the background, from a medieval manuscript
Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg, Cod. Pal. germ. 142 Pontus und Sidonia (Stuttgart (?) - Werkstatt Ludwig Henfflin, um 1475)
Pontus und Sidonia — Stuttgart (?) - Werkstatt Ludwig Henfflin, um 1475 Cod. Pal. germ. 142 Folio 26r
a painting on the wall of a tent