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four pictures of moss covered hearts with pine cones and berries
Gravdekoration 2015. Mosshjärtan dekorerade med diverse naturmaterial.
four different pictures of apples and mushrooms in the shape of a heart on top of rocks
Gravdekoration 2016. Mosshjärtan dekorerade med äpplen, kottar, hjärtan, ormhassel, kastanjer mm.
small blue flowers with green leaves in the background
Kaukasisk förgätmigej
a black bench sitting in the grass next to a wooden fence and shrubbery behind it
Bänken vid bambun. Fantastisk plats.
purple flowers are growing in the garden
there are many different plants in the garden
Framsidan på vår tomt vid uppfart och gatan.
a wooden walkway with a white candle on it and bushes in the backround
Trappa ner till gatan.
some very pretty plants on a wooden deck
some green and white plants in the grass
Hosta/funkia som blivit enorm.
there is a bench and some plants in the back yard with gravel on the ground
Vår gång med skiffer o bambun i bakgrunden.
a white flower with water droplets on it