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a wooden ladder shelf filled with dishes and glasses
Always looking for cool ladder ideas, use old cutting boards, old frames, or a drawer that fits and nail it into the rung! Or do what they did and frame in a little shelf for each rung. Love it!
a white dresser sitting next to a window filled with pictures and vase on top of it
Je dressoir stylen (Eenig Wonen)
Je dressoir stylen (via )
two white trees with purses hanging from them in front of a door and a wooden floor
kapstok van een boomtak, wit schilderen en viola
the living room is clean and ready to be used as a home decorating project
False Creek Condo by After Design | HomeAdore
False Creek Condo by After Design | HomeAdore
a living room with white couches and pictures on the wall next to a coffee table
When it fits, it sits
You wouldn't guess that these are repurposed kitchen cabinets - add some smart storage to your living room with white METOD cabinets | Found in Alina Mayer's home
a bedroom with white furniture and black and white pillows on the bed in front of a large mirror
Huseby Living
Symmetry and sleekness of cabinets lends well to a solid color painting, which could be changed in color as decor changes...
an orange floor lamp with a white light bulb on the end and a copper base
Golvlampa Adison, Svart - Heminredning - Hemtextil - Hemtex
Golvlampa Adison - Heminredning - Hemtextil - Hemtex
two vases with flowers in them sitting on a table next to a mirror ball
Simplicity | Feng Shui – Inredning i balans
a dining room table with some lights hanging over it
Blues taklampa och fönsterlampa i koppar
a light that is on top of a metal base and has a bulb attached to it
a white room with a large mirror and some lights hanging from it's ceiling
Älskar! Hade varit så fin i vårt sovrum!! Vita 'EOS XL' -
a woman is standing in front of a coffee table
I VÄNTAN PÅ NÄSTA DANS – House of Philia
Stor matta och soffbord från House Doctor