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Motivation, Saving Money, Organisation, Fitness, Budgeting, Self Improvement Tips, Self Care Activities, How To Plan, Self Help
The Money Journal - Journal + PDF — Sisters for Financial Independence
an icebreaker question for adults
115+ Funny Questions to Ask Anyone (Girls, Guys, Friends)
three girls are posing for the camera in front of a sign that says, we go sunlightlight exposure 4 0
fake golden hour ! y’all should try it and post ! 💛 creds to @vscofillters on ig :)
several surfboards stacked on top of each other in different colors and sizes, with text overlaying them
14 Interesting Life Hacks
Interesting Life Hacks
Not only is this leather shoulder tote roomy, but it looks better the worse I treat it! Popular, Casual, Vintage Chanel, Tas Kulit, Sling Bag, Eco Green, Kinds Of Shoes, Accessorize, Stylish
Is This the Best Travel Tote of All Time?
Not only is this leather shoulder tote roomy, but it looks better the worse I treat it!
a black background with white text that says, what do you know about this song?
19 People Reveal Their Weirdest Music Festival Experiences
I listened to this song and it just makes me really uneasy and MORE anxious...?? what does this mean
four green coke bottles with baby's breath in them
Real Weddings Archive
love the old Coke bottles with baby's breath! Photo by Melissa Lauren Images
the instructions for how to use toothbrushes in different ways, including brushing and shaving
Turn Beer Bottles into Attractive, Cheap Glasses
I would do this to like root beer or coke bottles and it could make glasses or vintage candle holders
four glass vases with red berries in them
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Using cute paper straws to cover the stems. Love it!
a group of people sitting at picnic tables next to the water with lights on them
A blog of recent weddings by best Washington wedding photographer Ryan Flynn
The perfect lakeside wedding decor
a sign that says grab a glass write your name it's yours to keep
10 Stylish Drink Stations Your Outdoor Party Needs
Wine Glasses to Keep: Instead of making everyone wait in line at the bar, provide glasses everyone can grab, write their names on, fill up as they wish, and bring home!
an outdoor table with bottles in it and the words build a patio table on top
DIY – Patio Table with Ice Boxes
DIY - Patio Table with Ice Boxes - Dan 330
an outdoor table with ice and beer bottles in it
60 DIY Projects That Will Spruce Up Your Life Instantly
This is cool.
a bottle of listerine on a table next to a glass with liquid in it
Vodka + food coloring = an awesome spring break on a cruise.
no way!!!!!!! LOL @Beth J Streets