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a series of images showing different types of food
Rupert is so like Ron
i would love to meet everyone from this cast in person <3
the wizard monopoly free printable is on display in front of a wooden table top
Oktoberdots - Anything Autumn - DE Nederlandse Herfst & Halloween blog
Jullie hebben het al een tijdje kunnen volgen op Instagram, maar eindelijk is de HarryPotterParty Wizard Monopoly klaar! In dit bericht lees je precies hoe je je eigen Harry Potter Monopoly spel ku…
a coffee cup with the words, keep you have the grin written on it in black ink
My dear you have the grim Harry Potter DIY home made craft mug
several different types of wooden planks stacked on top of each other in multiple rows
Not mine, but really awesome - Drawing, DIY & Crafts
Not mine, but really awesome
harry potter and hermione's hogwarts movie quotes from the movies
Last Friday night: Harry Potter Style
an old man with long hair and beard holding a glass in front of a sign that reads 1 gallon $ 25
Earlier this week, a Reddit user calculated how much wizard money is worth in Muggle money.
Someone Calculated How Rich Harry Potter Was And The Answer Is Surprising
a man with long hair and beard holding a wand in one hand, pointing at the other
Someone Calculated How Much Things Cost In "Harry Potter" In Muggle Money
Hagrid already explained the exchanges between denominations in the first book, but we still didn’t know what these equal in Muggle money. | Someone Calculated How Much Wizard Money Is Worth In "Harry Potter"
an old poster with different types of eggs on it's sides and the words dragon eggs above them
Potter Frenchy Party - Une fête chez les sorciers
Potter Frenchy Party - Une fête chez Harry Potter
an old black and white poster with many different types of writing on the front of it
@Lucifer_Soy_Yo compartió una imagen en Taringa!
Los hechizos de Harry Potter!!!
a black and white poster with many different types of planes on it's sides
What if Severus Snape Survived? AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH I wish he had just to pee all over Voldemort's parade. And then that would absolutely prove that love conquered everything. YES. I wish he had survived just to prove that Tom Riddle Jr. was inferior to these kids and men and women who fought for more than he could ever understand.
harry potter and his friends are talking in front of each other with the caption that says
102 Of The Best "Harry Potter" Jokes To Ever Exist
Voldemort doesn't have a nose. Harry does.
there is a quote from harry potter on the image and it says, are you a little old to still obses over harry potter?
Harry Potter Rocks My World
Aren't you a little old to still obsess over Harry Potter?
the comic strip shows an older man sitting in front of a window and looking at something
Harry Potter: The Chronicles of the Retirement
Harry Potter: The Chronicles of the Retirement
the hp series poster is shown in black and white
this is beautiful harry potter
four different pictures with the same caption for each character in harry potter's movie
Yup so true
a piece of paper with writing on it that says harry potter work out, and there are
Harry Potter
Harry Potter | Community Post: 20 Fandom-Based Workouts To Get You Up And Moving @kimmeroo22 we must do this when we force mike to watch!:
the powerpuff girls and their names are in this funny meme, which appears to be one of the most famous cartoon characters
Harry Potter parallels Power Puff Girls. Don't you love how Draco is the girly, happy, sunshine-and-rainbows one?
a sign that says keep calm and but carry on hermone were here
Keep Calm
Keep calm but Harry, Ron and Hermione were here
the star wars characters are depicted in this info sheet, which includes their names and descriptions
Mary Brown - Harry Potter vs. Star Wars Infographic
Mary Brown - Harry Potter vs. Star Wars Infographic on Behance
four different types of dogs wearing scarves and sweaters with the words dogwartts
Dogwarts. Of course the corgi is a gryffindor everything you do is brave when your legs are that short
an image of the inside of a spaceship
When we realized that it was over—no more movies, no more books—the fandom kind of went insane.
an image of a triangle with the word'what is the dotted line called? '
Week of (Sunday 3/1 - Saturday 3/7)
the many faces of harry potter from harry potter and hermilan, with caption that
I love when people take scenes from movies and add funny captions!
two texts that are being shared to each other on their cell phones, one is reading harry potter and the other is texting
I don't know why..... I just can't stop laughing!!!! :D
a man with his head in his hands and the caption that says, oh my god, i've killed harry potter
i dont know why but i read all voldys lines in snape from avpm's voice
the many faces of harry potter
LOL SO TRUE LOL. Ugly on the inside!