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several people working in a factory with lots of white cloths on the tables and floor
An Unconventional Line Layout for Garment Production (Images)
a person using a sewing machine to sew something
many people are working on sewing machines in a factory
Machine Layout Plan for Long Sleeve Shirt
men in pink shirts are sewing t - shirts on the assembly line at a factory
Finishing Section | Process Sequence of Garments Finishing Section
many people are working on sewing machines in a factory
Trabalho escravo: 10 produtos que você compra e são produtos de trabalho escravo
many people are working on sewing machines in a factory
BGMEA should create captive insurance for apparel makers
a man sitting at a desk working on a laptop computer in an industrial factory with lots of green jackets hanging from the ceiling
Östersundsföretag anställer 15 sömmerskor
an old photo of women working in a factory
Sömmerskor arbetar i sömnadssalen på fabriken Eiser, 1950. Eiser ingick i bolaget Sveriges Förenade Trikåfabriker Avd. G. Kallades Stora Götafors i folkmun. Bilden är hämtad ur boken "Garn och gagn - en krönika om trikå utgiven till hugfästandet av ett textilt halvsekeljubileum 1913-1963".
women working on sewing machines in a factory
The clothing chains not paying garment workers fair wage
Clothes, Moda, Labor, Personas, Workers Union, Hard Labor
Great Read: Bangladesh women find liberty in hard labor
two women working in a sewing factory with masks on their faces and one wearing a face mask
Textilarbetare jobbar för 4,50 i timmen – fackföreträdare från Bangladesh vädjar till Kappahl, MQ och HM