53 Pins
a christmas tree with presents on it
Diy, Ord, Presents
the spanish language poster is displayed on a white background with snow in the foreground
Förmågor – Ullis skolsida
four different name tags with the words varra regier and yyzna
a colorful poster with the words klassposter on it
a poster with the words i denna klasss in different colors and font
Fröken Sarah
several snowmen with hats and scarfs on them are arranged in the shape of small cards
Christmas and getting ready for winter
a poster with words and pictures on it that say,'start to fill in the list
Stödstruktur gemensam bokläsning
the words in different languages are arranged on a blue and green background with white circles
Översikt över samarbetsförmågorna från boken Kooperativt lärande i praktiken av Niclas Fohlin & Jennie Wilson.
a wheel diagram with words in the center and four sections labeled on each side,
Förmågor och lärande
de fem förmågorna - Sök på Google
four different children's birthday cards with the words happy birthday on each one side