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purple flowers are in the middle of moss on a tray with eggs and other decorations
En underskøn hyacint
three moss balls hanging from strings with white string and green plants in the middle, on grey background
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table next to a string of twine
Gör en julkrans - och lite annat
a long table with candles, apples and moss on the side in front of it
Jul i vårt hus.
some oranges and nuts are on a plate
Trendenser | Bloglovin’
I år investerade jag i en Siselerare (ett cestjärn) för att ta de obligatoriska kryddnejlike-apelsinerna till nästa nivå. Och jag är så himla nöjd med resultatet. Det var betydligt enklare än jag trod
a fake christmas tree with a santa hat on it's head is in the gravel
Granristomte * Outdoor Gnome
a pine cone hanging from the side of a door with a bird perched on it
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Frosttålig jul
two wooden poles with flowers on them in the middle of a floor area next to statues
Palais2012-2n 4.000×3.000 Pixel
two vases with candles and greenery in them
Vitt hus med vita knutar
small evergreen trees are lined up in front of a house
10 x Kerstknutsels - Inspiraties -
Zweige verkehrt rum mit grünem gartendracht zusammenbinden
two christmas trees made out of moss and pine cones on top of a window sill
Contemporary Christmas Trees - Send to Cypress, Houston, TX Today!
These green miniature Christmas trees are made from moss.