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four knitted hats sitting next to each other on a blue tablecloth with a pair of brown shoes
the woman is wearing a multicolored knit dress and has a flower in her hair
Knitwear - Kaffe Fassett Studio
a woman wearing a multicolored sweater in the snow
Adding Short Rows to Yoke Sweaters
a close up of a person wearing a sweater and holding a cell phone to their ear
Lopi Week: Our First Lopi Sweaters
a smiling woman in a sweater and hat holding a branch with snow on the ground
Un:titled: Photo
an orange and white knitted object with scissors in it's center, on top of a gray blanket
an older woman standing in front of a black fence wearing a multicolored cardigan
a woman wearing a sweater with an intricate design
a close up of a knitted object on a white surface
hinke's A colorwork cardigan, one or another
Mac, Knitted Wit, Sweaters, Sweater Weather, Sweater
Camilla Vad på Instagram: “C o l o u r w o r k & s t r i p e s • Om du är ute efter lite ...
a multicolored crocheted blanket is laying on the floor
Kaffe Fassett | Emilia stickar
a woman is wearing a multicolored sweater and ripped jeans with her hands on her head