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a person walking down a street with a large star on it's back ground
a group of pictures hanging on a wall next to wires and magnets attached to the wall
an altered piece of paper with some writing on it
Italian collage and the garden of lovers
a drawing of a woman holding a parasol with a bird on top of it
a stamp with an image of a woman on it and some other items around it
Feeling Blue
a bird sitting on top of a piece of wood next to flowers and leaves in a box
"Lookout" (Original art by Sharon McCartney)
a collage of different types of papers and other items on a white background with the letter p
141119: one
mixed media collage with blue flowers and words on white paper, including an old book page
Pin It Weekly #310
an altered collage with many different pictures and writing on it's side, including a portrait of a woman
altered collage with bird, map and postcards on it's back side
collage — Deborah Mahnken
a collage of different types of papers and words on a piece of paper that says go forth, part two
40 Clever And Meaningful Collage Art Examples - Bored Art
a piece of paper with stamps on it and a flower in the middle is shown
an altered collage with trees and snow