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a man standing in the grass next to some plants
Trädgårdskorg | Hemslöjd
an ornament hanging from a christmas tree with two birds on it's side
Fläta en fjällgås till granen
a man kneeling down next to a green pot filled with food on top of a field
Vilken smörja!
Hats, Fashion, Fedora, Straw, Cowboy Hats
Fläta en halmhatt
a cross stitch pattern with red, white and blue squares on it's sides
an orange and black piece of art on white paper
Stoppa strumpor
a book cover with three purses hanging from it's sides and the words, sy
Väskan i bältet
a pair of blue jeans with black and white squares on them
Tid för sashiko
sewing supplies are laid out on a white surface with scissors, thread and other items
Tid för sashiko
the cover of brodera pa stickatt by bert - marie christofressson
Ett stygn i rättan tid
Floral Rings, Floral
Knivens år
Gold Rings
Knivens år
an older woman holding a toothbrush in her hand
Knivens år
an older man is holding something in his hands
Knivens år