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a hand holding a mason jar filled with liquid and labeled ingredients to make lemonade
Natural Remedies - Health Tips on Instagram: "Read this entire post FIRST!! Most of us don’t have time to make fancy electrolyte recipes or run around looking for all the ingredients. The good news is, it’s likely you have these ingredients around the house so let’s make our own! Electrolyte water is so easy to make. For the above recipe mix it all into a mason jar and shake it up! Easy peasy! Here is recipe #2 (my fave) Instead of 2 cups plain water do 1 cup water 1 cup coconut water 1
an image of a sewing machine with instructions on the front and back side, in watercolor
Understanding Thread Tension on Your Sewing Machine
Water Fiter  Filtro de Água Trips, Camping, Lol, Tips, Scout, Survival, Viajes, Prepping, Apocalypse Survival
How To Make Water Filter
Emergency Preparedness, Bug Out Bag Checklist, Bug Out Bag, Emergency Survival Kit, Survival Skills Emergency Preparedness, Survival Prepping, Survival Essentials
Bug Out Bag Checklist | Emergency Preparedness Checklist| Bug Out Bag Family | Bug Out Bag Food
Life Hacks, Death, Mafia, When Someone, Phrase, When Someone Dies, Words, Pals
What to Do When a Loved One Dies: A Checklist
National Grid Outage | How to Prepare for Power Grid Failure
National Grid Outage | How to Prepare for Power Grid Failure
Survival Skills, Survival Life Hacks, Survival Techniques
Bug Out Bag List 2024 (Printable): Essentials For Surviving The Next Disaster
Outdoor, Useful Life Hacks, Outdoor Survival, Wilderness Survival
How to Survive a Shipwreck