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Sushi Burrito
For those times when you don’t want to eat sushi delicately.
there are many sushi on the glass platter that is ready to be eaten
Elegant Eating
Elegant dish for a special party, for more sushi pics follow me here: @makesushiorg #sushi #cucumber Also check out these sushirecipes here:
a white plate topped with rice and meat covered in sauce next to chopsticks
raw: hawaiian-style salmon poke
Sushi is arguably the most popular raw fish dish (and my absolute favorite), but there are many other raw fish dishes from around the world. Over the next few posts, I would like to share my inter…
two plates with rice, vegetables and sauces on them next to chopsticks
California Roll Sushi Bowl
Spending way too much on sushi? Super easy, healthy homemade sushi to the rescue with this California Roll Sushi Bowl Recipe!
Mosaic Block Sushi
When sushi truly becomes an art form.
several different types of sushi are arranged on a wooden table with the words, how to make sushi rolls
Delicious Party Appetizers - The Idea Room
Healthy option for a spring get together! -- Raw Zucchini “Sushi” Rolls - 12 Extravagant Sushi Recipes | GleamItUp
a person holding an ice cream cone filled with different types of food on top of it
selina pfrüner blog
sushi cone
three small bowls filled with food and chopsticks on top of rice covered in broccoli
Designer Eats: Camilla & Marc - Superette
Sushi Salad