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a drawing of a woman in a dress with flowers on her head and an orange background
fashion from old people
fashion from old people — House of Worth | c. 1882 via defunctfashion
a woman in a blue dress sitting on a bench with her eyes closed and hands behind her back
fashion from old people
a drawing of a woman in a blue dress
fashion from old people
Evening Dress by good ol’ Charles James, c. 1955
some people are dressed up as pirates and roosters for an animated film or tv show
Medieval Character Design, Viking Character, Character Designer, Pirate Woman, Storyboard Artist, Cartoon World
Sandro Cleuzo (@InspectorCleuzo) on X
a cartoon character is holding a stuffed animal
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a drawing of a man with a long beard and mustache holding a stick in his hand
Pirates by Dor Shamir, via Behance