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the 50 subordinating conjunctions are shown in black and white, with an image of
50 Subordinating Conjunctions and Why They Matter
estudiando Ingles …
a blue and white poster with words on it that say present perfect, negative or negative
Fotografia postată de Parenting.
an info sheet showing the different types of font and numbers for each type of text
Small Business Success | Keys to sustained growth
Copywriting ideas for sales copy in your creative entrepreneur business. Pin now, read later!
the different types of surfboards are shown in this graphic art printable version, which includes
Phrasal verbs with BREAK
an image of different colored lines with the names of each line in it and below them
How to avoid using the word 'very'
What to say instead of very...
the common errors in english usage are shown on a green background with red and white circles
Terra Mail
These may look similar, but the expressions on the left sound strange to English speakers. It's worth practicing the correct expressions!
an info sheet with different types of people in the world and their names on it
Instant Writing
16 Boring Words (and what to write instead!)
a poster with words that say,'90 ways to say'and an image of the
Different ways to say said
a poster with different types of speech bubbles
NEW Language Arts Educational POSTER - Other Ways To Say... - Synonyms Great use of how to "fancy" a word by henrietta
an iphone screen showing the words to use instead of very important things in each language
The Writer's Handbook
stygian-omada-fan: “Passive Agressive Behavior - Reference for creating characters ”