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two square pieces of wood with a knot on the end, against a blue wall
a hand holding up a piece of art with strawberries and flowers painted on it
Wild strawberry and bees
a person is painting a flower on a piece of paper with acrylic paint
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a pink poster with pasta on it next to a potted plant and a vase
Modern Spaghetti Pasta on Fork, Italian Cuisine Food Print, Kitchen Poster, Italy Pop Art Decoration
A red & pink illustration of spaghetti pasta put on a fork with a dotted / halftone background to give it more of a retro, vintage look. You'll recieve two files, one with "PASTA" written and the other one without. This art print is the perfect touch to your kitchen & home or as a gift for your foodie friend #italiancuisine #pastanight #pastadate #spaghetti #foodpopart #foodprint #popartprint #popartposter #pastaposter #eatingprint #kitchenprint #diningroomprint #diningroomdecor #kitchendecor
a large green leaf painting on the wall in a white room with wood flooring