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a black cat wearing a hat while being petted by someone
silly kitty
the man is walking down the sidewalk with his foot in the air and wearing camouflage clothing
a sign that says when life gives you lemons squeeze them in people's eyes
when life gives you lemons
an image of a man in renaissance clothing with the caption that reads, his pain is
Covid-Free Memes For People Who Need A Distraction
a newspaper article with the caption never arge with children
Never Argue With Children
Never Argue With Children | James McGrath
a cartoon drawing of a man standing at the edge of a cliff with words above it
an image of cats and fish with caption
an image of the evolution of plants and animals
four different types of cats and dogs with caption that reads, setting pets down dog owner
two white wolfs with their mouths open and the words mum, me, and dad
two pictures one with a bird and the other with a page about itself