Curb Appeal

Your front door sets the tone for your entire house and is an important space where colour speaks volumes. The right colour can make a design statement that is…
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Affordable Front Porch Updates
These affordable front porch updates will instantly transform your humble abode! Revamp the area with a fresh coat of paint or stain, create a luxe look with new hardware and lighting - and don't forget to accessorize!
a workbench with tools on it in a room that is clean and organized
The Organized Workshop
A place for all of those tools, equipment and hardware; everything has a home in the garage. It doesn’t get any better than this for DIYers and handy types.
a living room filled with furniture and a bike mounted to the wall above it's headboard
Garage Facelift
Want to build the perfect handyman or handywoman garage? Maybe an after-hours retreat or multi-use zone for everyone in the family? Whatever your vision, these garage ideas will surely give your friends and neighbours serious garage envy.
a bedroom with two skylights above the bed and plants on the side of the bed
Windows to Your World
Breathe new energy into a dark room or area of your home with skylights.
an empty garage with wood paneling and glass doors
Garages with Gusto
Today’s garage is often a multifunctional space that goes far beyond simple car storage. Whether your taste leans more contemporary, traditional or mid-century, there’s an on-trend door to suit your style.
two white garage doors in front of a blue house
Carriage Style Garage Doors
Bring elegance to heritage-style homes with garage doors featuring paneling. With custom hinges and handles it gives a nod to the traditional feel!
an outdoor swimming pool with waterfall and water feature in the center, surrounded by landscaping
Get Inspired with a Stone Accent Wall
Give your home's exterior a new look with a stone accent wall that can be featured beside the pool!
the interior of a children's room with bunk beds and ladders to the ceiling
Here's How to Make a Playhouse for your Kids
Playhouse or fort, whatever your kids call it, they’ll love a backyard shed built for them! Here's How you can build a playhouse for your kids using a shed.
a gray house with white trim on the front door and two windows in the side
Window Design Ideas
New windows deliver a serious return on investment. They can transform the look of your home, while also helping you save on your energy bill.
a black front door on a house with two lanterns
New Front Door Ideas
Give your home an instant facelift with new doors. Whether you’re planning a modern look with a sleek fiberglass door and sidelights, or something more traditional with a light-loving transom, there are so many ways to customize this entry opportunity.
a porch swing sitting in front of a building with flowers on the steps and potted plants
Here’s How to Enhance your Home's Exterior
It’s time to get outside and tackle jobs big and small. Here's How you can enhance your home's exterior with a DIY day bed, stain, roofing, and more!
a room with a desk and shelves on the wall next to a door that leads to another room
Multi-Purpose Sheds: Office
It's time to make the most of your outdoor space by transforming a shed into the perfect office space. It's like working away from home, while being in the comfort of your home!
two story apartment building with balconies on the second floor
Siding: Master the mix!
Combine siding colours, materials and styles for a one-of-a-kind look. The trick is containing your palette to 1 to 3 tints of one colour, plus a single contrasting hue to make the most of your home's exterior.
a living room with pink walls and furniture
Shed Décor: The Options are Endless
Whatever you have in mind for that outdoor shed of your own; office-studio, she-shed lounge, or no-grownups-allowed kid space, don’t forget about the inside of your shed. Decorating it is half the fun when bringing your space to life.
a wooden table and chairs on a deck with a potted plant next to it
Look to porcelain pavers to bring interior-décor style elegance to your outdoor spaces.