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four people sitting at a table eating food
Earth to Table
Make the most out of your garden all year long. Here's How to prepare food from the earth to your table.
Here’s How to Host a Big Crowd
Hosting a big crowd in your home can be daunting, but a little planning and preparation can make it much more manageable. Here's How to host a big gathering.
people are standing around in the kitchen and looking at something on the counter, with text overlay that reads here's how to get your home ready for company
Here’s How to Get Your Home Ready for Company
Inviting friends and family over for special occasions, whether holidays or dinner parties, is one of life’s pleasures. While your loved ones are there to see you and not your house, creating a clean, welcoming atmosphere will help you relax and have a good time. Here’s some tips to help you get your home company ready.
Bake Up Delicious Valentines Day Cookies with Mosaic Cookware!
Here’s How to Make Your Favourite Hot Drinks at Home
Whether it’s espresso in the morning or a calming herbal tea before bed, cozy cups of the good stuff bring pleasure to our days. It can be an expensive habit if you’re hitting the coffee shop, but with the right equipment and a little know-how Here's How you can make your favourite hot drinks at home.
Grilled Lobster Tails with Herb & Garlic Butter
Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply indulging in a gourmet meal at home, lobster tail with roasted garlic butter is a culinary masterpiece - and surprisingly simple to prepare on your backyard grill. Prepare to savour every moment as you indulge in this exquisite seafood delicacy.
Grilled Cajun Sirloin Steak
Are you hosting a long weekend gathering this summer? What better way to spice it up than with this Grilled Cajun Spiced Sirloin Steak recipe? Just imagine the flames, the smells, and the wonderful sizzle – that’s a yes from us!
Here's How to Make Pineapple Plank Salmon
Fire up the grill for this tender, sweet, and savoury pineapple plank salmon! This pineapple plank salmon recipe takes planking to the next level using pineapple skin as the planks. Grilling salmon on pineapple planks adds a sweet and aromatic flavour that perfectly complements the natural richness of the fish.
Making Delicious Smores on the BBQ
Fire up the grill for this decadent and gooey S’mores dip! Here's How you can use a BBQ to bring the nostalgic flavours of a traditional s’more in a convenient and shareable dip to life!
Get Grilling Some Veggies
Summer’s still here, which means lots of in-season produce. Here's How to make these delicious grilled vegetable skewers to add to your end-of-summer BBQ list!
Salton Recipe Inspo @savourbyshannon
Petits gâteaux de Pâques
Nous présentons ces divins cupcakes festifs que tu peux toi aussi réaliser à la maison avec la collection d’articles de cuisine Mosaic de Home Hardware. Pas besoin d’outils de cuisine dispendieux ou compliqué: tu auras besoin d’un grand bol, de tasses et de cuillères à mesurer, d’un fouett, d’une spatule et bien entendu de moules à muffins. Cuisiner végétalien n’est certainement pas une raison pour passer à côté de desserts comme ceux-ci!
Baking Spiced Zucchini Cupcakes with Mosaic