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a metal bowl filled with white and green flowers on top of a wooden table next to a dresser
Holiday Blooms:Create a Living Centerpiece - Victoria
a wreath with white candles and greenery is on the floor next to a rug
Mein #adventskranz
three white candles with succulents and greenery sit on a round tray
1943 - Nostalgisk jul—Page 10
a white table with candles on it and some decorations in front of the wall above
Karolina och Henrik byggde nytt i sekelskiftesstil – på övergivna släktgården
orange slices are arranged in the shape of a garland
Julpyssel – så gör du en vacker girlang av torkade apelsinskivor
four candles are lit on a table with succulents and greenery
Fixa en hållbar adventsljusstake - JUL DIY - Inredningsvis
a wooden cabinet with wreaths and lights on it
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a white china cabinet with wreath on top
Kransar av lingonris
a white mantle with candles and glass bottles on it, next to a small christmas tree
En God Jul vill jag.......................