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a poem written in german with autumn leaves on the bottom and an orange border around it
Montessoriinspirerad matematik
a green clock with blue numbers and arrows on it's face is cut out from cardboard
Okul Öncesi Saat Öğretme Etkinliği #etkinliği #Öğretme #Okul #Öncesi #Saat
four paper plates with different colored numbers on them and the words fraction flowers written below
Printable Fraction Flowers
FREE Printable Fraction Flowers - what a fun way for visualize fractions (math, math activity, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 1st grade)
an egg carton filled with lots of different types of bugs and other things in it
Outdoor Scavenger Hunt
four different pictures of angels made out of paper
Four angels
counting with pipe cleaners and beads
Counting beads on pipe cleaners
Maths activity of counting beads on a pipe cleaner. Great for developing number and fine motor skills. Laughing Kids Learn
a young boy playing with legos on the floor in front of a green tray
Two Preschool Math Activities with Duplo Legos - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls | Math activities preschool, Montessori activities, Preschool learning
Two Preschool Math Activities with Duplo Legos: great time filler if the room is cleaned and we are waiting for parents if the service has gone longer than expected:
four different types of buttons in pink plastic cases with names and numbers on the inside
Matematik på förskolan
a person holding up a sign that says tamings - upspragg
a worksheet with numbers and dogs
Notebook da Prof
Notebook da Profª
the worksheet for making geometric shapes is shown in black and white, with an arrow
Practice drawing shapes no 1 - Cool Coloring Pages
shape drawing practice | Practice drawing shapes no 1 | Cool Coloring Pages
an adult coloring book with a girl in a dress
Omalovánka - geom.tvary
a red letter shaped like a face with fruit in front of it on the ground
Hungry caterpillar game
four pieces of torn paper sitting on top of a brown couch next to each other
Tiger Stripes
Tiger stripes. Ripping paper is good for those fine motor skills.