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a woman laying on the floor in front of a wooden table with text overlay that reads, waterproof luxury vinyl plank flooring in a bathroom
Tips for Installing Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring in a Bathroom
Discover endless possibilities for your bathroom or kitchen with waterproof luxury vinyl plank flooring. Explore installation tips, DIY ideas, tools needed, and how to easily cut vinyl plank flooring. Learn which direction to install to make a small room feel larger. Install on concrete, tile or plywood subfloor. Elevate your space with our expert tips! Perfect for basement, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room. Or get creative and add it walls, or ceilings.
an outdoor patio area with furniture and grass in the background text reads how to design a backyard that achieves the wow factor
How To Design a Backyard That Achieves the Wow Factor
How To Design a Backyard That Achieves the Wow Factor
a living room with couches, chairs and windows in the background text reads 4 tips for displaying sentimental items in your home
4 Tips for Displaying Sentimental Items in Your Home
4 Tips for Displaying Sentimental Items in Your Home
simple diy recessed shelves with text overlay
Simple Bathroom DIY Recessed Shelf in a Wall
Upgrade your bathroom with DIY recessed shelves between studs! Explore decor ideas for small spaces above the toilet & wall niches with built in shelves. This simple design is perfect for a modern farmhouse or vintage vibe. This step by step how to guide is easy to follow, great for a beginner woodworker.
a swing that is in the woods with text overlay saying how to hang a tree swing without a branch
Hang A Tree Swing With NO Branch
Easy DIY Project to do this weekend. Learn how to hang a tree swing when you have no branch. This easy DIY idea creates a sturdy swing for kids as well as for adults. Everyone loves a tree swing, it’s the perfect backyard Ideas for kids
the best tips for installing shower wall tile
Tiling a Bathroom Wall for Beginners
Makeover your bathroom with a DIY tiling project! If you're a beginner, you'll find tips as your learn to tile shower and bathroom walls like a pro. Step-by-step guide for beginners using large tiles and metal trim. Make your small bathroom makeover look bigger using large tiles. Go bold and dramatic with black tiles. DIY your walk in shower with tile shower walls with metal trim. How to install shower DIY tips and shower walls diy.
DIY Shower Niche Shelf: Easy Steps for a Stylish Bathroom
Discover expert tips on how to build a shower niche, including dimensions, placement, and trim ideas. Elevate your bathroom design with a functional niche shelf, versatile tile options. And explore creative ideas for shower niche inserts and designs with built-in shelves. Customize your shower niche to fit your needs when remodeling. Create a bathroom niche and elevate the look of your bathroom today.
the secret to transforming old rusty furniture is in this diy project and it's so easy
How to Fix Old Rusty Metal Furniture & Make It Stunning
Restore your old rusty metal furniture in 3 simple steps on a budget. Learn tips for removing rust, priming and painting outdoor metal furniture with exterior spray paint. This simple DIY project can be completed in a weekend, restoring it to its former beauty, saving your hundreds of dollars. Spray paint outdoor furniture like a pro with our tips. Say goodbye to rusty furniture and give your outdoor furniture makeover this weekend.
brick backsplash with text overlay reading diy brick backsplash click for install video
DIY Brick Brick Wall Backsplash Installation Video
Elevate your space with a stunning brick accent wall! Achieve a rustic vibe with simple installation methods. Transform any room effortlessly with the timeless charm of exposed brick. Enhance your décor with ease and add character to your space.
a wall with flowers and a hat hanging on it
Create a beautiful Wallpaper Accent Wall the Easy Way
Are you looking for a quick and easy update for your home? Why not add a beautiful wallpaper accent wall. It’s a simple DIY project you can complete in an afternoon and creates a beautiful statement wall. See how easy it is to install a gorgeous wallpaper mural and add a beautiful feature wall in your home this weekend. Try a beautiful wall mural wallpaper Create a wallpaper accent wall in just a few hours.
Transform your bathroom with an easy DIY project! Learn how to install a prefab shower pan with our step by step guide for a sleek upgrade. No need to stress over whether the slope is right, or install a tile floor. Plus there's no grout to keep clean. Easy, efficient, and stylish! Design, Home Improvement Projects, Shower Pan Installation, Shower Drain, Shower Floor, Shower Pan, Plumbing Problems
Easy DIY: Installing a Prefab Shower Pan
Transform your bathroom with an easy DIY project! Learn how to install a prefab shower pan with our step by step guide for a sleek upgrade. No need to stress over whether the slope is right, or install a tile floor. Plus there's no grout to keep clean. Easy, efficient, and stylish!
simple cane and wood trays with text overlay
DIY Decorative Wood & Cane Tray
Transform your decor with this DIY tutorial and create a chic wood and cane tray! Learn how to make your own decorative tray effortlessly with our step-by-step guide. Perfect for adding a touch of style to any space! This tray has a modern coastal feel and is perfect in the living room, bathroom, bedroom and even kitchen.
a pair of scissors cutting paper with the words shiplap on the ceiling step by step guide
How to Install Shiplap on a Bathroom Ceiling
Transform your bathroom into a space with charm and create the perfect master retreat with a shiplap ceiling! Learn how to install shiplap in bathroom effortlessly. Explore more shiplap bathroom ideas for a stylish makeover. Make your small bathroom feel larger with shiplap. Paint it white or black and elevate your space. An easy weekend DIY home improvement project.
a small trailer with a tank attached to the back and wheels on it's side
Mini Harbor Freight (type) Trailer Ultimate Build-Up Thread
an american diy front porch wreath with red, white and blue decorations
Americana Crafts & DIY Decor
Deck out your front porch in red, white, and blue with Americana crafts! Celebrate the 4th of July in style with easy, affordable decorating ideas. From DIY flag wreaths to patriotic bunting, transform your porch into a festive haven of Americana charm. Welcome guests with patriotic flair this Independence Day!
the words are written in black and yellow on white paper that says yonder, diy alice in wonderland, the small adventure direction signs
DIY Alice in Wonderland Direction Signs | The Small Adventurer
Be like Alice and bring some Wonderland into your own home with this fun and easy DIY project from The Small Adventurer and create the exact (confusing) direction signs from Alice in Wonderland and put them up anywhere you'd like in your own home! Learn how to bring more magic into your life by checking out the tutorial over on The Small Adventurer.
HOW TO USE THE WAGNER FLEXIO 5000 PAINT SPRAYER | Novice Review & Tutorial on Achieving Pro Results!
Transform your space effortlessly with our step-by-step guide on painting doors quickly using a Wagner Paint Sprayer. Achieve a high-end look by coating your doors in a sophisticated dark navy blue hue, complemented by crisp white trim moulding. Elevate your home's aesthetic and add a touch of elegance with this simple yet impactful DIY project. Say goodbye to mundane interior doors and hello to high-end style with dark doors with white trim.
bathroom remodeling tips from 2thesunnyside com for the home
Sensational Master Bathroom Design Plans to Spark your Creativity
Looking to revamp your master bathroom? Explore modern design plans & remodel ideas on a budget. Get inspired by latest trends, DIY tips, and charming cottage core aesthetics. Discover how to decorate with the perfect color schemes & lighting for your dream oasis. Inspiration for your master bathroom renovation.
a white toilet sitting in a bathroom next to a wooden cabinet and shelf filled with items
10 Sensational Home Improvement Ideas on a Budget | Sunny Side Design
Looking to improve your home but don't want to break the bank? Check out these 10 sensational home improvement ideas that are both easy and budget-friendly! From updating flooring, to adding shiplap walls, we've got you covered. So grab your toolbox and get ready to DIY home improvement projects today! Top Budget DIY Project to try. Easy home improvement ideas.
a tree swing with text overlay how to install a tree swing without any branch
Hang A Tree Swing With NO Branch
Bring the joy of a swing to your backyard without a branch! Learn the easy steps to hang a swing in a tree, no branch needed. This DIY project is accessible for everyone, creating a delightful and unique outdoor space.
Home | Sunny Side Design
Revitalize your curb appeal with a quick and easy front door makeover! Learn how to paint your front door in simple steps for a stunning transformation. Elevate your home's first impression with this DIY project that makes a huge impact.
a blue ottoman sitting on top of a rug
From Drab to Fab: DIY Ottoman Makeover with Almost No-Sew Upholstery
Discover how to give new life to a thrift store find with our DIY upholstered ottoman makeover tutorial. Our easy to follow step by step guide will walk you through the steps to a recovered ottoman with stunning results. Almost no sewing required for this modern transformation! Amazing thrift store makeovers with a modern look.
a house with the words how to paint your home like a pro
Home | Sunny Side Design
Is the exterior of your home needing a refresh? Looking for some ideas for a little curb appeal? While there are many ways to boost the curb appeal of your home, for the most dramatic transformation painting the exterior of a house is hands down the best way! See how paint and some elbow grease can boost your curb appeal. Learn what you need to know before painting the exterior of your home.
Planter hack! Don't need to fill the whole thing with dirty.
You can also set a saucer on top of the pool noodle if you're going to actually plant your flowers. Follow us for more tips! Video by: Amanda Champion
the best tips to extend your growing season with walls of water
Extend Growing Season with Walls of Water!
Unlock gardening tips, tricks, and hacks to extend your growing season with season extenders like Walls of Water! Maximize your tomato growing season and harvest juicy tomatoes and fresh vegetables. Perfect for gardening beginners!
some houses and trees with text overlay that reads, budget friendly curb appeal renovations
Easy Before & After Curb Appeal Ideas on a Budget
Elevate your home's curb appeal without breaking the bank! Explore a collection of easy and budget-friendly DIY ideas to enhance your exterior. From simple landscaping tricks to charming accents, discover how anyone can transform their home with these affordable curb appeal projects.
how to build a diy banquet bench
How to Build DIY Kitchen Banquette Seating - Full Hearted Home
How to Build DIY Kitchen Banquette Seating - Full Hearted Home
a fireplace with the words easy and budget diy indoor firewood rack on it
How to Build a DIY Indoor Firewood Storage Rack - Full Hearted Home
How to Build a DIY Indoor Firewood Storage Rack - Full Hearted Home