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a group of toy figurines hanging on the wall
Carnet Imaginaire
Sojourner Truth Parsons, To drown a rose (2011)
a drawing of a person's face with the word states above it and an image of a man's head
Compound Butter Magazine
Compound Butter Magazine
a drawing of a woman wearing a green coat and red pants with a hat on her head
i don't like clothes
Dadu Shin's fashion illustration
an assortment of skin care products arranged in a circle with leaves and branches around them
Blog — Clare Owen Illustration
wee beauty ed
a drawing of a woman hanging from a tree on top of a red brick wall
Swing (full page)
From a 1944 edition (illustrated by Roger Duvoisin) of "A Child's Garden of Verse," by Robert Louis Stevenson.
a drawing of people swimming in the water on a white sheet that says, wish you were here
four different types of watercolors on paper with lines and shapes in the background
curated contemporary art /// i’m jealous of becky cooper … & manhattan
drawings etc from "mapping manhattan" by Becky Cooper.
a drawing of a man leading two horses and a dog
Anthropology and Film Archives
Squint Eyes drawing
an open book with illustrations of animals and people on it
Nicholas Stevenson
ILLUSTRATION : Les dessins d'inspiration art naïf de Nicholas Stevenson ! Nice !
two women in red and black dresses are facing each other, one is holding the other's hand
red & black girls
red & black girls by kaye blegvad