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the light fixture is suspended from the ceiling
an image of aliens in space with caption that reads, what if the astroid that killed the dinosaurs was a ufo and we're the aliens
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Theories I Guess
the back cover of an old children's book, with text in black and white
rugrats theory | Tumblr
Phineas and Ferb Theory | Tumblr
an animated image of two mice in front of a computer screen with the caption's name on it
Disney was Royalty in the Illuminati. Hidden porn are in the cartoons he made for children.
the poem is written in black and white
amazing and inspiring images
Ohh.. kids taste too sweet huh.. Wait..WHAAAAT.
multiple images of different cars in motion on the same street as seen from an overhead view
The Pixar Theory an Interactive Story, by @97thfloor #pixartheory
Pixar Theory. This is becoming an addiction now!!! THAT IS MY FACE RIGHT NOW! THE MEME AT THE BOTTOM!
the characters in cars and trucks are shown
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Disney Video Confirms Theory That All Pixar Films Are Connected
nasa's official photo of pluto has been posted on the cover of this poster
The dog Pluto from the studio W.Dysney and nazi friend W.von Braun from Nasa.
there is a man with a hat on his head and pictures of him in the office
MARVEL COMICS: Big Hero 6 Easter Eggs
IS THIS FOR REAL <--- Knowing Disney, yes. It is very much real.
an image of cartoon characters with caption in the bottom right hand corner and text below
Another childhood ruined. - post
Peter Pan theories: Heavenly angel vs. Immortal child abductor
an image of monsters in the bathroom with caption that says, that's nonsense
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
This is what started my board! I knew mostly every thing before but wanted to make a board! Pixar Theory - additional evidence
an animated movie poster with the characters in each character's avatar and their names
Did Boo from Monsters Inc. grow up to become Andy's mom in Toy Story? no probably not
some people are talking to each other about their lives in the same language, and one is
Crisis actors... What, they couldn't find enough people who were really in crisis to interview?