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a poster with an image of a woman in green and white
a woman laying on top of a bed next to a record player
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a poster with a woman diving into a wine glass that says, once upon a time there was a girl who really loved champagne
Once Upon A Time There was A Girl Who Really Loved Champagne That was Me Poster,
an advertisement for the new yorker magazine, with three people sitting at a table
an orange car with the words just riding is my absolute favorite
Greeting Card Illustration
some girls are just born with the ocean in their soul vintage poster print on canvas
a book cover with an image of a woman holding a martini glass and the words jazz cafe on it
a man and woman riding on the back of a scooter
Anderson Design Group | Original Artwork from Nashville
Metal Signs, Tin Signs, Vintage Bar, Wine Poster, Retro Poster
Resim, Romantic Art, Fine Art, Romance Art, Artist, Erotic Art, Art Reference
Juxtapoz Magazine - The Work of Robert McGinnis
a painting of a woman holding a martini in her right hand with the caption i drink to make other people more interesting
The Connor Brothers, I Drink To Make Other People More Interesting, 2017
an advertisement for the new york ballet company, featuring three dancers in front of a store window