16 personalities

Uncover insights into your unique traits and behaviors with the 16 Personalities test. Find out which of the 16 personality types you belong to and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others.
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Wondering which of the 16 types is the most compatible with the INFJ? Want to know who is INFJ really attracted to? An INFJ relationship with each personality is a unique one. INFJ relationships can be incredibly romantic or simply platonic. As friends or lovers, INFJs love others. They are idealists who appreciate introverts, extraverts, intuitives, sensors, feelers, thinkers, perceivers, & judgers! In Myers-Briggs, an INFJ is considered the rarest personality type. Read about…

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16 Personalities While back, my husband introduced me to this fun online personalities test called 16 personalities. I’ve taken the test, and my personalities type came back as Mediator (Code: INFP - Role: Diplomat) There were difinitely some traits that sounded like me, and a lot of statement I can relate for sure. It’s definitely some fun test to do. There was a one part that stated “INFP - compromising just 4% of the population”. This read me to think which traits are more popular than…

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