3d printer storage

Maximize the efficiency of your 3D printer setup with these creative storage solutions. Find practical ideas to keep your workspace organized and your printer accessories within reach.
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3D Printer Enclosure and Standing Desk

3D Printer Enclosure and Standing Desk: This classy, cat-proof 3D printer enclosure doubles as a standing desk! It has plenty of room for my Prusa i3 MK3S (with the spool holder), as well as a generous storage compartment. Featuring a 25"x24" desktop, integrated LED lighting, full extensi…

Rafał Niewiadomski
I’ve been using the Lack enclosure for my 3d printer, but recently received a MMU2S, and realised that there wasn’t enough space in the… Ikea 3d Printer Enclosure, Ikea Lack 3d Printer Enclosure, 3d Printer Enclosure Ikea, 3d Printing Enclosure, 3d Printing Workspace, 3d Printer Enclosure Diy, 3d Printing Organization, 3d Printer Organization, Make 3d Printer

IKEA Platsa 3D printing enclosure

I’ve been using the Lack enclosure for my 3d printer, but recently received a MMU2S, and realised that there wasn’t enough space in the enclosure to add my MMU, so after having a look at some other…

George Grazette
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Filament Spool Holder for IKEA SKADIS

This set of holders for filament spools can be mounted to the popular IKEA SKADIS pegboard. In order to hold one spool there are always a left and a right part which belong together. By selecting the appropiate distance (=holes) between the parts it can be adapted to spools of different width: * 0: 4 - 5,7 cm * 1: 6 - 8 cm * 2: 8 - 9,8 cm Due to the alternating and pattern of the mounting holes you should pay attention to the required parts (also to the corners). The second image above…

Jacob Cherry
3D Printer cabinet - Weekend build | ArthurGuy.co.uk 3d Printer Table Ideas, 3d Printer Cabinet, 3d Printer Desk, 3d Printer Storage, 3d Printer Setup, Laser Enclosure, Building A Cabinet, Printer Desk, 3d Printer Enclosure

3D Printer cabinet - Weekend build

A couple of weeks ago I came up with the idea of building a cabinet/table/storage thing for my 3D printer. Its aim was to solve a couple of things: Stability, its original table moves around quite a bit when making fast small moves and I wanted to reduce these vibrations. Temperature, as winter is coming I wanted to reduce drafts and try and keep the print bed enclosed and warm to help with the printing. Storage, I wanted somewhere to store the filament and laptop that goes with the printer…

Era Smus