Advent symbols

Explore the rich symbolism behind popular Advent symbols and discover their deeper meaning. Get inspired to incorporate these symbols into your Advent traditions for a more meaningful and reflective season.
Catholic 101: Advent and the Liturgical Year. In the Catholic Church, the new year starts on the First Sunday of Advent. Candles, 17 December, 22 December, Advent, Candles Wallpaper, The Birth Of Christ, Catholic, Christmas Advent, Comfort And Joy

In the Catholic Church, the new year starts on the First Sunday of Advent--this is the year we change reading cycles and when the circular liturgical calendar starts anew. (A "reading cycle" is one of the three Sunday cycles of readings--A, B, or C. Year A focuses on the Gospel of Matth

Emily DeArdo
ourhomecreations: Free printable with 25 Days of Christmas Symbols

I normally do not even think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving but this year I seem to have a little bit more Christmas spirit. My oldest is now four and is really getting to understand Santa, reindeer, and elves. I love to see his excitement and answer all the questions he has. I do want to make Christmas fun for him but I also feel he is at the age to be able to understand why we celebrate Christmas. I thought about this for a few days and wondered how I wanted to teach him the…

Sheryl Sigmund