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Make your next air travel experience a breeze with these top tips and tricks. Learn how to save money, pack efficiently, and navigate airports like a pro.
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Understanding Frequent Flyer Miles

While you weren’t paying attention last fall, there was a seismic shift in the currency of frequent flyer miles as the last major airline moved from a distance-based model to revenue-based rewards. Here’s what you need to know to maximize every flight – and dollar spent – in the new marketplace.

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First Solo Travel In El Nido Palawan - Coffeehan

Sometime last year, I couldn’t get myself to sleep, oppressed with despair over a dispute with a friend. What do you do when things like this happen to you? Some of you might answer, listen to music, watch or read something funny, hang out with friends, or the most popular choice of them all, eat....

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10 Simple items that will enhance your air travel experience - Samantha Brown's Places to Love

Air travel has changed so much in recent years. You can check-in from your phone, keep up to date with delays from an app, and watch our favorite TV shows as we fly through the air at 500 knots. However, there are still some travel items that can never be replaced by digital technology. Here are a few to stock up on.

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