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Plasma Discharges and Ancient Iconography Archaeology, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Artefacts, Ancient Mysteries, Ancient Knowledge, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Symbols, Ancient Origins, World Mythology

Last summer I posted about how certain pinched types of plasma discharges resembled petroglyphs from around the world. I wrote: "The Squatter Man (Squatting Man) Petroglyphs" The first two images in the top left corner represent how a certain pinched type of high-energy plasma discharge would appear to a viewer; the other images show examples of petroglyphs from around the globe apparently showing the same phenomena. For more information, see Peratt, Anthony L., "Characteristics for the…

Joanna Tutfarangi
The pyramid cultures shared the “Triptych Temple” and “GodSelf Icon.” Ancient Aliens, Ancient Artefacts, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Knowledge, Ancient Mysteries, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Symbols, Ancient Astronaut Theory, Ancient Artifacts

Significant evidence now exists that ancient cultures worldwide were all connected by a powerful religious symbol which I call the “GodSelf Icon,” that is especially conspicuous among the pyramid cultures.

alan Carter
Image of reconstructed faces of three early humans in profile view. History, Historia, Precession Of The Equinoxes, Documentaries, Hominid, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient, Ancient Astronaut Theory, Anthropology

The myriad of skin tones and eye colors that humans express around the world are interesting and wonderful in their variety. Research continues on how humans acquired the traits they now have and when, in order to complete the puzzle that is our ancient human history.

Rina Willemse