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Explore the world of ancient pottery and be captivated by its beauty. Find inspiration and ideas on how to incorporate ancient pottery into your home decor for a touch of history.
Terracotta lentoid flask - Period: Iron Age,  Date:     11th century B.C.,  Culture:    Levantine, Medium:  Terracotta Ceramic Art, Ceramic Pottery, Antiquities, Antique Ceramics, Ceramic Vessel, Ceramics Ideas Pottery, Pottery Sculpture, Old Pottery, Pottery Studio

Myres, John L. 1914. Handbook of the Cesnola Collection of Antiquities from Cyprus. no. 545, New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art.Karageorghis, Vassos, Joan Mertens, and Marice E. Rose. 2000. Ancient Art from Cyprus: The Cesnola Collection in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. no. 125, pp. 78–79, New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art.Karageorghis, Vassos. 2002. "An Early Pheonician Pilgrim Flask from Cyprus." Da Pyrgi a Mozia: Studi Sull'Archaeologia Del Mediterraneo in Memoria di…

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Painted Terracotta Vessel with Ibex Motif, 900 BCE - 700 BCE | Barakat Gallery Pottery, Ceramics, Ceramic Art, Techno, Ceramic Pottery, Ceramic Vessel, Greek Pottery, Ancient Pottery, Pottery Designs

Luristan (or Lorestan) literally means “Land of the Lurs”, and was situated in a wide sweep of the Zagros mountains in what is now western Iran. The sociopolitics of this area are complex, with repeated waves and invasions of Medes, Cimmerians and Persians, amongst others, but the culture thus created...

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