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Discover the beauty of angular design and transform your space with modern and sleek ideas. Create a stylish and contemporary look that will impress your guests.
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Dezeen in Israel: here are some images of the recently opened new wing at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which has a dramatically faceted atrium piercing its centre. Designed by American architect Preston Scott Cohen, the Herta and Paul Amir Building has a spiralling plan with two storeys above ground and three underground floors.

Spiked Sculptures by Matthew Shlian Create Angular Geometry from Folded Paper | Colossal Geometric Sculpture, 3d Paper Art, Geometric Art, Geometric, Paper Engineering, Sculpture Art, Paper Artwork, Paper Art, Desain Grafis

Paper engineer Matthew Shlian (previously here and here) combines intricate geometric tessellations with exact folds and creases to form bas-relief sculptures. Shlian has been crafting his paper artworks for several years. In recent sculptures the artist has introduced a vibrant color palette that strays dramatically from his traditional black and white works. Recent works include warm and cool tones, in addition to gouache washes that add texture and variation to his smooth paper surfaces…

Ru4Art2 U Betcha
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The crooked lounge chair forms part of The Crooked collection, an ongoing series of asymmetric and angular furniture pieces launched in 2020. Dimension: 51cm x 89cm x 79cm (H). Seat H 33 Additional info: The wooden box is not included in the price.

Joseba Aizpurua