Animal skulls

Explore a unique collection of animal skull decor ideas to add a touch of intrigue to your space. Discover how these fascinating pieces can enhance the aesthetic of your home.
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Now available for purchase: so these ones i decided to get on some observation theme, so decided to study animals skulls, they are not flawless, as i did have limited time (60-90m each) and limited references (google) haha, all modeling was done on zbrush, render on keyshot+photoshop) hope you all enjoy it !!

Livio Fumagalli
Lactarius Rubidius Growing Out Of Fox Skull Croquis, Grunge, Fox Skull, Goblin, Fotografie, Creepy, Bones, Skull Reference, Animais

Sometimes we get so used to dreamy landscapes and cute puppies that we forget about nature's dark side. But it's there. Regardless of whether we pay attention to it or not. To remind you about some of the Mother Earth's scariest children, Bored Panda has compiled a list of photos that should send shivers down your spine. Or at least make you say a loud NOPE.