Animals in the rainforest

Explore the incredible world of animals in the rainforest. Learn about the diverse wildlife and their unique adaptations. Get inspired to protect and conserve these precious habitats.
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Biodiversity Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest threatens many species of tree frogs, which are very sensitive to environmental changes (pictured: Giant leaf frog) Scarlet Macaw, which is indigenous to the American tropics.Wet tropical forests are the most species-rich biome, and tropical forests in the Americas are consistently more species rich than the wet forests in Africa and Asia] As the largest tract of tropical rainforest in the Americas, the Amazonian rainforests have…

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Young 3 Toed Sloth in its natural habitat. Amazon River, Peru. Photo about peru, pets, climbing, natural, movers, jungle, perezoso, leaves, hairy, move, offspring, brown - 40590664

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