Anointing oil prayer

Discover the transformative power of anointing oil prayer and experience spiritual blessings in your life. Learn how to use anointing oil effectively and invite divine intervention into your prayers.
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Interested in the sacred practice of anointing oil? Discover the art of prayer and consecration for anointing oil. Explore prayers, rituals, and spiritual guidance to infuse your anointing oil with divine blessings and purpose. Pin for spiritual insight and a deeper connection to your faith. #AnointingOilPrayer

Liza Garza
HOW TO BE A WOMAN OF GOD - For All Is Through Him Lord, Godly Marriage, Christ, Godly Woman, God Centered Relationship, Godly Dating, Godly Relationship, Scriptures On Relationships, Godly Relationship Quotes

March is the month where women are celebrated across the globe, from Women’s International Day to Mother’s Day. But becoming a woman of God is a lifestyle. It is a daily intention and commitment to live out our truest identity as women of God in Christ Jesus. Today, I’ll be taking you through five practical steps that the word of God has taught us about what it looks like to be a woman of God for God’s kingdom.

Ella Odiase