Antique brass spray paint

Give your home a vintage touch with antique brass spray paint. Explore top ideas to revamp your furniture, decor, and accessories with this versatile paint.
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One of our most popular blog posts to date (like…ever) was when we tested to find the best gold spray paint and it was due for an update because the pictures aren’t great and we (I) only tested 4 spray paints. Ahh, the early days of blogging. Luckily, this was a fun little experiment […]

Stephanie Roberti
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Have you ever mixed spray paint colors to get a custom color? I’m not talking about literally adding the different colors into one can and mixing them together like you might do with latex paint (although that is possible). What I’m talking about is more like layering different colors to get a custom color. That’s...

Karen McConnell
Christmas Deck   Favorite Gold Spray Paint

Do you decorate every space for the holidays? We sure do, and today I want to show you how we decorated our deck for Christmas and our favorite gold spray paint! Last year I shared how we painted the bells that are hanging on our door, this year I did it again… but I wanted to show you the difference between 3 of rustoleum’s spray paints that I found at JOANN. I will also be sharing all the decor we found at JOANN, they seriously have everything you need off your list from gifts, crafts…

Maria Luisa