Antique Lace

Discover the timeless beauty of antique lace with our collection of stunning designs. Add a touch of vintage elegance to your wardrobe or decor with these exquisite lace pieces.
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a caelo usque ad centrum - from the sky into the center. A collection of pictures: Colors - threads, yarns, fibers, quilts, fabrics, denim/indigo, and fashion. Patina - leather, wood, satin. The visual - detail, white kitchens, pearls in paintings, pears, skies, sunflowers, lonely roads and sweeping vistas in Western Kansas. Veteran knitter. Flatlander - few mountain photos here.

MW Hilton
Antique lace.....too exquisite for words!

Antique lace.....too exquisite for words!

Court Presentation Dress, 1932-1934, by Boué Soeurs (French). Vintage Clothing, Vintage, Antique Dress, Antique Clothing, 1800 Clothing, Historical Clothing, Old Dresses, Historical Dresses, Vintage Gowns

What to do when your stuck inside and feeling a little blue? Let's go visit a lace museum! Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles Look at those beautiful gloves! Irish Lace is one of my favorites. White yo yo quilt with rick rack lace. I just love the combination of the two. I can just imagine wearing these beautiful dresses! My head is spinning with ideas of leather and lace!


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