Discover the fascinating concept of arcology and how it is shaping the future of urban living. Explore innovative sustainable cities that incorporate the principles of arcology to create a harmonious balance between humans and the environment.
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Renowned for its mastery of elemental magic, Ixtal was one of the first independent nations to join the Shuriman empire. In truth, Ixtali culture is much older—part of the great westward diaspora that gave rise to civilizations including the Buhru, magnificent Helia, and the ascetics of Targon—and it is likely they played a significant role in the creation of the first Ascended.But the mages of Ixtal survived the Void, and later the Darkin, by distancing themselves from their neighbors…

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The Plastic converting tower by Ché Caines is a Masters degree design project for a conceptual proposal of a plastic to liquid fuel converting tower. Project description by the architect: With a growing consensus that plastic pollution is a prevalent issue, this project attempts to compound t...

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