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Experience the beauty and grace of wild horses through stunning photography. Discover the untamed spirit of these magnificent creatures and be inspired by their majestic presence.
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Hello again! My name is Liga Liepina, and I am an equine photographer in Iceland. You might have seen some of my work in my previous post. What I do is photograph Icelandic horses in the rough, yet stunning Icelandic nature, and I wanted to share with you some of my newest work.

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Hidden in the mountains of Bosnia there are animals you would never expect, who are surviving along hot summers and freezing winters, fighting bears and wolves to keep their families safe. I started my trip having no idea of what would happen during my stay. All my expectations were exceeded the moment I had the very first sight of a wild horse.

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Champ, a wild stallion, saved a filly from drowning after she was caught in a river’s current. He was grazing along the Salt River in Tonto National Forest in Arizona with his family. While they were walking by the water, another family of wild horses appeared on the opposite bank. Champ watched as two playful

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