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Achieve a flawless makeup application with these essential beauty blender tips. Learn how to properly use and clean your beauty blender for a flawless finish every time.
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Ultimately, the best type of makeup sponge for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. If you are looking for a sponge that is easy to use and provides a natural-looking finish, then a beauty blender or egg sponge is a good option. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, then a silicone sponge may be a better choice. And if you have sensitive skin, then a microfiber sponge is a good option. types of makeup sponges types of makeup sponges beauty blender makeup sponges type

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However you should replace your Beauty Blender every few months, or once it starts to look and feel quite different. | 14 Tips Everyone With A Beauty Blender Needs To Know Beauty Blender Tips, Erase Wrinkles, Beauty Blenders, Poster Diy, Editorial Art, Care Logo, Beauty Kit, Beauty Hacks Video, Beauty Blender

While colour running from everyday use is normal, total discolouration is a sign that your Beautyblender needs replacing. Also, once the sponge starts to break down and lose its egg shape, you should probably go and grab a new one.

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