Bed in living room

Transform your living room into a versatile space by incorporating a bed. Discover creative ideas to maximize comfort and functionality, while maintaining a stylish and inviting atmosphere.
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Trying to afford an apartment in France is no easy feat, but it could be if you set your sights on something smaller. That’s what a 24-year-old woman did when she tried to get onto the property ladder.

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Remember when raising a family meant moving to the ‘burbs and buying a spacious house with a white picket fence? Well, that idyllic image has changed quite a bit over the years, and nowadays many are choosing to keep their urban lifestyles well after adding more members to their clans. Yes, fitting additional people into […]

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Trundle beds are a great solution for e.g. the kid’s room. It’s a great way to hide an extra bed, and besides that, you also get the drawers of storage space. Pull Out Trundle Beds Below Stairs We love ideas like hiding a trundle bed under a staircase or inside a platform. These ideas are […]

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