Beef in beer

Discover mouthwatering beef in beer recipes that will leave you craving for more. Explore new flavors and techniques to elevate your cooking with this flavorful combination of beef and beer.
Carbonnade Belgian beef stew recipe, with beef, onions, and Belgian ale, and seasoned with bay and thyme. #BeefStew #Carbonnade #BeefBeerStew Beef Recipes, Closer, Beef Stew With Beer, Dutch Oven Beef Stew, Beef Stew Meat, Beef In Beer, Beef Stew Recipe, Beef Stew, Stew Meat Recipes

Try this carbonnade beef and beer stew (carbonnade flamande) next time you make a beef stew recipe. Made with Belgian ale, beef, onions, bay leaf, and thyme, it’s a hearty recipe with wonderful flavor notes. Add your favorite vegetables or a classic side of mashed potatoes!

Maggie Ghrist