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Find the perfect sketchbook that meets all your artistic needs. Explore top-rated sketchbooks and unleash your creativity with confidence.
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We always have this one friend or a relative that is an artist - question is, what do we get for them as a gift? So, it might be their birthday, Christmas, New Year’s or just a gift because they are so awesome! - and if you get them anything from this list - they will be so so grateful! ( and they might thank you with an art gift of you or your dog they made using some of the supplies!!) So here is the list of top art supplies presents they will absolutely love: What To Buy For

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Sketchnoting is big. Why not encourage students to have their sketchbook for your class? This teacher did. In fact, this teacher is inspiring a growth mindset and curiosity with all he/she is saying about having a sketchbook. Annotation, reflection, research! Look at the subtle cues for learning built into this graphic drawn by the teacher. […]

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In order to become a better artist, it's recommended that you keep an art journal or sketchbook. It's hard to come up with new ideas every day, so I thought that you might like some sketchbook art inspiration. The following inspirational sketchbooks will open your mind to new possibilities in daily art journaling and sketchbook-ing. Here are more than 50 inspirational sketchbook art and illustration ideas.

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My name is Gabriela Niko. I am a freelance illustrator and sketchbook artist, based in Poland. The main topic of my work is people - their beauty and the subtle emotions expressed in their faces. I create both traditionally and digitally, but the sketchbook is my favorite and most important tool for everyday studies, development, and experiments with art. This is where I can explore different mediums and styles in a quick, fresh, and playful way.

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